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Hey guys and dolls!

For my first craft, I did button bobby pins! I originally was inspired by this blog post: http://christinahomemaker.blogspot.com/2010/08/button-bobby-pins.html

I loved the vintage feel, but did not have the vintage buttons like they did 😦 I found some great buttons at my local Walmart for about $5. The bobby pins run about $3 and I just used some thread from my sewing kit!

To start off, I made a pin with stacked buttons. To do this I just took a smaller button of a contrasting color and just wrapped thread around the two using a sewing needle.

Then, we will attach the buttons to the bobby pin. You will use the same technique as we did to attach the two buttons, wrapping the thread around the bobby pin and through the button holes. Wrap it until the button is secure.

I had some trouble with the larger button staying secure, so I used glue to hold it in place. Hot glue or super glue works well and dries clear.

*I apologize for not having a “done” picture. I was having trouble uploading with my internet connection, but I will have them up ASAP*

Let me know what you think! Comment with craft ideas!

Happy crafting!