Hello everyone! I’m Allison and I am so glad you decided to visit 🙂 Let me just give you a bit of background on this blog and what it’s about!

The name, Let’s Button Up, stemmed from my love of buttons. I love all kinds, especially the unique ones you find in weird places. I was looking online for something I could make with all the ones I had and there were A TON of ideas. Therefore, I decided to write this and post pictures of all the crafts I make that use buttons!

However, I also love other crafts, so every now and then, I will post some ideas for other crafts you might enjoy!

*I would really like your input, so if you make a craft that you find here, feel free to post pictures or tell me what you did differently. OR if you have other suggestions for crafts you would like to see I would love to hear it.

*I will keep all crafts and INEXPENSIVE as humanly possible because I am a college student and I know that many of you reading this will be as well.

*Please keep comments and responses positive. We want to inspire creativity, not discourage it 🙂

Thanks and happy crafting!