Bracelet o’ Buttons


This week’s craft was inspired by an image I found while searching for some new crafts!Β

My roomie is a crochet machine and she helped me with this weeks craft by making the band for our bracelet!

Have no fear. If you aren’t exactly the best at crochet, you can use fabric or make your own band using your favorite materials!

I used pink yarn and four white buttons with different textures to give it that extra flare πŸ™‚

First, make the band. Be sure that it fits your wrist or the person you are making it for! Next pick out your favorite buttons and sew them right on to your band.

It’s so simple yet looks great! I can’t wait to wear mine!


Canvas Buttons


Originally inspired by this:Β, I made this awesome river of buttons on canvas πŸ™‚

It’s really simple and doesn’t take all that long. You will need some paint( I used regular fabric paint but feel free to use acrylic), buttons, glue, a canvas and a pencil!!

First, I traced the outline of a river on my canvas and placed the buttons in the lines to make sure I had the right design I wanted. Then, I glued each button down Β and let it dry.

A few hours later I took a pencil and sketched out the phrase I wanted on the canvas and then painted over it with black paint. I also outlined the river in blue paint.

Take a look!!

Post your pictures of your creations and feel free to give me suggestions for our next craft!

Button Bobbys


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Hey guys and dolls!

For my first craft, I did button bobby pins! I originally was inspired by this blog post:Β

I loved the vintage feel, but did not have the vintage buttons like they did 😦 I found some great buttons at my local Walmart for about $5. The bobby pins run about $3 and I just used some thread from my sewing kit!

To start off, I made a pin with stacked buttons. To do this I just took a smaller button of a contrasting color and just wrapped thread around the two using a sewing needle.

Then, we will attach the buttons to the bobby pin. You will use the same technique as we did to attach the two buttons, wrapping the thread around the bobby pin and through the button holes. Wrap it until the button is secure.

I had some trouble with the larger button staying secure, so I used glue to hold it in place. Hot glue or super glue works well and dries clear.

*I apologize for not having a “done” picture. I was having trouble uploading with my internet connection, but I will have them up ASAP*

Let me know what you think! Comment with craft ideas!

Happy crafting!

Howdy hey!

Hello everyone! I’m Allison and I am so glad you decided to visit πŸ™‚ Let me just give you a bit of background on this blog and what it’s about!

The name, Let’s Button Up, stemmed from my love of buttons. I love all kinds, especially the unique ones you find in weird places. I was looking online for something I could make with all the ones I had and there were A TON of ideas. Therefore, I decided to write this and post pictures of all the crafts I make that use buttons!

However, I also love other crafts, so every now and then, I will post some ideas for other crafts you might enjoy!

*I would really like your input, so if you make a craft that you find here, feel free to post pictures or tell me what you did differently. OR if you have other suggestions for crafts you would like to see I would love to hear it.

*I will keep all crafts and INEXPENSIVE as humanly possible because I am a college student and I know that many of you reading this will be as well.

*Please keep comments and responses positive. We want to inspire creativity, not discourage it πŸ™‚

Thanks and happy crafting!